Headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Old Keep. Situated in the Midlands, not far from Leicester city.


  • 750 military
  • 2500 civillian

This massively militaristic proportion hides the enourmous scientific acheivement accomplished by the castle. A lot of the military wives work as scientists. Ancilliary staff providing medical and dental care, for example, fulfil that role in the army as well.


Although times are hard, everyone works better after a rest.

There is not sufficient culture for deep personal hobbies, but visiting public performances is a welcome way to socialise, hear the latest news, and build the Brotherhood spirit. To this end plays are carefully wrought, describing conquests and calamities familiar to people of the time. Belvoir Castle can only afford to support only an extremely small and talented group of proffessional artists, but the mother of Astutulus is a member of this guild.

They go a long way towards satisfying (and exploiting) the cultural (and political) requirements of the populace (and leaders)!!